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Matthew Shell

First Light (Pre-order & receive two exclusive bonus tracks in advance of the Aug. 30, 2017 release)

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Image of First Light (Pre-order & receive two exclusive bonus tracks in advance of the Aug. 30, 2017 release)

Matthew's 7th Release Available August 30, 2017
Click here to listen to a 10 minute preview via the SoulTracks.com World Premiere article: Matthew Shell and friends debut ambitious “First Light”. This hour long song features the production and arrangement of Matthew Shell, the vocal artistry of Kenny Wesley, and the musicianship of Vahagn Stepanyan (piano/upright bass), Niclas Laget (saxophone/flute), Curtis McCain (percussion), Kenny Darby (keyboard), and Yoed Nir String Productions (cello), among others

Click here to pre-order "First Light" for $10.

With this pre-order, you will receive two free bonus tracks:
1- An exclusive hour-long minimal mix of "First Light" with just piano and upright bass. This mix is perfect for film makers who need subtle background music and for anyone who wants a fully relaxing audio experience.
2- An unreleased version of Matthew's fully orchestrated production of "The Christmas Song" (feat. Zane Latta, Vahagn Stepanyan, Yoed Nir String Productions, Wouter Kellerman and Marcus Mitchell).

Matthew writes:
I'm currently working on an hour-long song created completely with live instrumentation in a jazz style titled "First Light" (feat. Kenny Wesley, among others). I only work when I am inspired, and the creation of this song is no exception. My wife had been very stressed at a job where she had little to no work-life balance for the last four years. The day she finally left that job and transitioned to a new job with better work-life balance, I saw how happy she was. Seeing that joy in her spirit, I was inspired, and I composed my song, "First Light," in one sitting. I mapped out all of the chord changes, 17 key changes, 20 tempo changes, and the entire arrangement in one tremendously focused twelve-hour session at The Sweet Spot Studio. It was definitely an inspired session. From there I enlisted pianist Vahagn Stepanyan​ to lay down the piano and upright bass parts over the course of a week, and then vocalist Kenny Wesley​ to add some beautiful harmonies and lead vocal parts in another intense six-hour session. Nicolas Laget​ came on board to help with all aspects of the recording, mixing, and has been adding amazing flute and sax parts. From there I've been working on my guitar parts when I can get my wife in the studio with me, as well as various other parts with a plethora of talented musicians. Bit by bit, this song is building into something epic.

1. Intimate Awakening | 2. euphoria | 3. Infinite Love | 4. Exhilaration | 5. Altered Perspective | 6. Peaceful Connection | 7. Flavor of Desire | 8. The Awakening | 9. Amplification | 10. Romantic Emotion | 11. Dancing in the Rain | 12. Embracing Time | 13. Dare to Live | 14. The Escape | 15. Breathe Again | 16. Soul Stabilization | 17. Actualization Celebration | 18. The Christmas Song (feat. Zane Latta)

Credits (so far):
Production, songwriting, arrangement and guitar by Matthew Shell | Vocal artistry by Kenny Wesley | Flute and saxophone by Nicolas Laget | Piano and upright bass by Vahagn Stepanyan | Rhodes keyboard by Kenny Darby | Percussion by Curtis Jerome McCain | Tracks 17 and 18 feature cello arranged and performed by Yoed Nir String Productions | Track 18 features vocals by Zane Alan Latta | Saxophone by Marcus Mitchell | Flute by Wouter Kellerman | As written in 1945 by Bob Wells and Mel Torme - Verve Records | As made famous by Nat King Cole | Recorded, engineered and mixed by Nicolas Laget and Matthew Shell at The Sweet Spot Studio, Annandale, VA | Mastered by Nicolas Laget at the Sweet Spot Studio, Annandale, VA | Art design by Alexandra of Mysellertop | Executive produced by Arun Shenoy, Terra Tuono-Shell, Kabir Sehgal and Matthew Shell | © 2017 MTS Music Productions | ℗ 2017 Narked Records and MTS Music Productions

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